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Welcome to the CWoB website! 


Whether you are new to Berlin or have lived here for some time - you will find that there is always something new to discover in this exciting city.


If you are new to Berlin, we hope you are quickly getting settled. Berlin can be exciting and also a bit overwhelming with the multiple transportation systems and different city sections besides its very own dialect. Whether you are still trying to figure out the wonders and woes of public transportation or trying to discover your purpose in life, you are here for a reason.


God has put you and us in this place at this time for a purpose. Through our events, Christian Women of Berlin provides an opportunity for you to connect with other English speaking women from around the world to share stories, lend encouragement or just enjoy a good meal in good company.


So if you have just arrived, “Welcome to Berlin!” We are so glad someone has told you about the Christian Women of Berlin website and we hope to meet you soon. 


And if you are a long-time “Berliner” please join us at the next event in helping someone else to quickly feel at home in our city!



Be sure to check out our upcoming events:

  • Saturday, March 25, 2017 - Brunch
  • Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017 - Brunch
  • Saturday, Dec. 9, 2017 - Brunch